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Today most Entrepreneurs have issues with generating leads and how to grow their business or niche online

  I know I did when I first started my online journey.  It was struggle for me to generate targeted lead and to grow my business.

   Since starting online, I have found proven techniques and strategies that have proven themselves over and over again.

   When it comes to online marketing, one needs to be educated and have all the tools and resources for online marketing clearly within your knowledge and how to use them.  I am here to help you through this process.

Here are the options you will have when working with me


​When enrolling with me thru BrandingYOUniversity, you will receive the following at no cost to you.

                            Coaching  (Always available simply by in-boxing me on Facebook)  

Courses  (Available to learn at your own pace)

                                        Training (To help you build your knowledge. And recorded for you should you not be able to attend 

 Free Weekly Webinar (For Advanced Training)

                    And your very own Custom Blog (For your business or niche)

**You will also receive 25% commission on all your sales thru BrandingYOUniversity.

Please go here to sign up for this FREE service;


Will consist of all the above, however, you will receive more in-depth Training

 along with more Advanced Courses and Advanced Lead Generating Strategies.

This option is $77.00 a month.

(Possible Discount may be able to be applied. Please ask me )  

**You will also receive a 75% commission on all your sales thru BrandingYOUniversity.

Please use this link to enroll as a Platinum Partner:


$197.00 For Personal one-on-one One Hour phone/zoom call session.

Please see below to sign up for this opportunity.

                                               Also, Please fill out the form called;

"Creatively Branding YOU Academy"

(You will be taken here automatically upon payment completion.  Please use option #3 Below)  

   ** This session must be completed before more advanced coaching is considered. 

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Advanced coaching and packages will be discussed one on one during Option#3

Thank you for your interest in working with me.


Content Creation For Twitter Lead Machine 3.0

Package #1 250 Machine

*200 Image Creations     $750.00 (option #1 below)

 Package #2 100 Machine

*100 Image  Creations     $375.00 (option #2 below)

*Note: Must Supply: Your Photo and Topics. Plus Twitter #Hash tag, website and platform you are on.

Please use Paypal to purchase.. below


Image Creation/Coaching

Carol Browne Earl

Professor at BrandingYOUniversity


Please Note:  I currently work with only a select group of people of whom I feel are completely dedicated to their advancement.  Therefore, if you feel you are ready for one on one coaching, please notify me as soon as possible as my calendar fills up quickly.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  Hope to see you inside ...

Carol Browne Earl


423 285 2771