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"How I Came TO Where I Am Today"

  To Start…  let me tell you a story about two little girls, Gail and Chi (ki).  You see, Gail was the older sister by 2 ½ years, Chi was the youngest. 

They had what was a bright future as they were living in upper class and the world was to be their playground.  Their dad was also the Mayor of “Wayne New Jersey” during their grammar school years.

Just like other kids, they loved to jump on the beds, and furniture, as long as Mom did not see.  They did the typical games that most preschoolers loved to do.

However, one day, the world turned upside down for the younger child, Chi.  Jumping on the bed almost became a fatal incident for Chi.   You see, and no one knows how much time had gone by, before Chi’s mom happened to pass by the bedroom where she was noticed Chi lying on the floor … not moving.  Yep… her sister had pushed her off the bed.  This wasn’t known yet for decades to come. 

Chi's Mom picked her up, got a cold washcloth from the bathroom and proceeded to the living room where she and her mother had been reading magazines.

Upon sitting on the couch and picking up her magazine to continue her reading, her mother yelled “Oh My God, Chi is blue!!  With that, her mom looked down and immediately yelled for Chi’s dad.

He came rushing in to see what was wrong. Upon seeing the situation, he quickly took Chi from her mother’s arms and ran to their bedroom where he began CPR … During this he told his wife to call an ambulance. They arrived a few more moments later.  Once the attending ambulance workers got out their oxygen mask for Chi and began to put it on her tiny face… she seemed to immediately take in her first full breath of air.

From that day on, Chi was always watched over. No one knew for sure if there would be severe brain damage due to the lack of oxygen for such a long time. And a very strong bond was set between Chi and her Dad.

The next part of this story is about Gail.  She had her own trauma going on… to no ones’ knowledge.

You see, back in the day, women did not par-take in abortions.  Gail’s mom and dad where having a conversation about what to do about “the baby”!  Gail happened to be listening to this conversation.

The conversation was about aborting the pregnancy.  As Gail’s mom just did not want another baby and she could “get rid” of it thru a therapeutic procedure. No one would know.

The issue here was, Gail understood that one of them where going to be gotten rid of.  This started years and years of horror for Chi.  You see, Gail would chase Chi around the house inside and out with knives.  It was a very bad situation.  Mom had a neighbor tell her what she saw yet still Mom would not believe.  Not until Chi was in her late 20’s did her mom actually own up to knowing about the situation. At least for Chi the nightmares of waking up with screams, finally stopped.

Their mom and dad eventually divorced leaving mom to have to go to work.  Both Gail and Chi would be left to their own defenses every day after school.

For the next 10 years, I lived in fear of my life! My sister wanted me dead and she made no bones about trying to have that happen.  This is why, even  today, I have such a fear of anything sharp that could cut me…. For Gail would contantly chase me with knives everyday of my childhood.  I had to learn at a very early age of to “survive”.

Yes, I am “CHI” I was born in 1953… left home in 1971, my Jr year of High School


                                                                                                                                             Chapter One

>>     Moved to Columbia MD in 1971. My mom lost the house. Her husband had passed without ever paying the taxes on the house.  I spent my last year in a school where I did not know a soul.  LOTS happened the 10 years… That’s another story within itself.

>>     I married when I was 21 and had 2 little girls

>>     Went briefly to college in 1975. Study Political Science

>>     Separated in 1976… later only to divorce

>>     Was remarried by 1981. Had 2 more little girls

>>    My first 2 children where kidnaps in 1983 where I spent 24 hours in hell.  Only to think that they      might be decapitate and laying in a ditch somewhere.  Finally, a police officer found them.  Their father had come from California, I was in Illinois, to crab my little girls!  I had no money to fight a custody battle across the country and so the short story here is that they remained in CA with their father and step mother only to be told that I had abandoned them!  To this day I am still fighting this pathetic lie.

                                                                                                                                       Chapter Two

>>    The next decade and a half or so, was ok.  I was living a fairly normal life raising to little girls and looking after a husband…. Lol 

>>    We lived in many places.  The companies that myI husband worked for was always sending us to new locations to “fix” other branch offices etc.…  (To date, I have moved 37 times in my life.)!

>>    Approx. in 1987, I started a part-time job with a fund-raising company.  I set up many, many daycares with the tools they needed to raise money for their centers.  I was very successful with this.  I came to be known, later down the road, That I was known as “The Daycare Queen” of Nashville Tn.

>>    1989… My husband quit his job to put me on the road with fund-raising full time.  I was making more than he was working only 2 days a week.

>>   We then opened our own fund-raising company and we were very successful.  I put all the other national fund-raising company’s out of business in our neck of the woods, as all the schools we helped loved the “mom and pop” on hands we gave our customers.  Life was good…

>>   About 1989 or so… I also discovered my God given gift.  I could take photos of anything and make them look like a million bucks!    I loved shooting… I went on to become a Professional Journalist, Photographer.  I even worked for BMS for 3 years shooting cars!!  Boy... that is my True love... Shooting fast moving cars lol.

>>   By 2000/2001 things started to go downhill with my marriage.  We separated and within 2-2 ½ yrs., My husband had a fatal heart attack. Boy, nothing like a life-threatening event to pull you back to reality. Had he lived, we would have picked up the pieces and put our lives back together.  That never did happen. 

                                                                                                                                    Chapter Three

>>    Thru various moves and trying to put my life back together, I wound up moving to Maryville, TN. My daughter was living there and had me to move in with her.  This was in 2006.   A bit about her… she

Become pregnant when she was only 16 years old.  This was a huge toll on us all.  It also carries its own story. 

>>    I had no idea what I was going to do.  I had spent so many years in sales of various sorts of jobs. This is a short list:  Photographer & Sales for; Racers, mobile homes, newspaper, CBS and commercial needs. I had a knack for out producing anyone at any job I did.  What to do with this talent… I had no idea.

>>    Upon looking thru a local paper, I saw a job for a taxi driver at the local airport “McGhee Tyson”. I applied and, yes, got the job.  It was actually very exciting…. I loved the people I met and made an excellent income.   About a month into this, I met a man who also had worked for “Corporate America” and was taking a break to stop his madness as well.  We hit it off Big Time.

>>    Dec 31st 2007 we were married.  He was my 3rd and my best!!  From our working at the Airport, we began to pick up people that where always going to the bus station.  Upon further inquiry with them, we discovered they were “Professional” Drivers.  They were picking up all kinds of trucks, tractors, bob-tails, utility trucks, class A motor homes, cement trucks, garbage trucks the list goes on and on…. From the manufacture and driving them to the distributors who then sold them.  We wanted in.  So, we got our CDL’s and hit the road! 

>>    I loved what I was doing.  We got to see so many sites all across the country. And I got photos from amazing places. I now have an arsenal of photography from across America.   We delivered in all the states, well, except Hawaii and Alaska, and even went to Canada 8 times!   We slept through the days and drove at night.   We would be on the road for 3 weeks and home for one week. This went on for 8 years.

>>    In 2014 my husband began to get sick.  This was shortly after my dad passed on January 1st 2014.  That was a Hugh loss for me.  My dad and I were very close.  That’s another story for another time. And very long.

>>    I also lost my sister in January 2014.  Apparently from a brown reclose bite.  She tried to take care of it herself… she failed.   This too is another story within itself… for another time.

>>    As my husband began to get weaker, we spent the entire summer and most of fall going back and forth to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville trying to get him a new heart.  He had congestive heart failure.  The end result was no.  His circulatory system was also compromised.  So, we tried to have it fixed.  By the time we got this done in December of 2014, it back-fired.  He passed December 30th 2014.

                                                                                                                                              Chapter Four

                                                                                                                                            MY RECONNING

>>    Well, its 2015 and I am so totally lost!  My grandparents are now all gone. My Mom and Day are gone. My one full blooded sister is gone.. No more aunts or uncels, well, there is one aunt out there somewhere. Basically, I'm it. the next on the feeding chain.

>>    I have no family to turn to.  My Dad and my Husband where my rocks and were always there to help me. Whether it be just to talk to or help with a problem, they were always there.  My kids, 4 girls and 11 grandchildren where spread all over the country and I was not close with any of them.  I lived my life for whatever work I was committed to at the time.   By the end of February, I found myself in the hospital for 5 days.  Dang near had a breakdown.  My church was my soul support.  I thank Heavenly Father for them. 

>>   Still 2015 and I went on the best I could.  Still so unsure of where I was going and even how to get to where ever I was to go.   I had a few mini-strokes…  this was bad and good.  After so so much time and a life time of unstableness, I found out why I always had such a hard time in just dealing with the world in general.  You see, my family… Mom Dad Aunts Uncles Cousins etc.… all of them, had superior intellects.  I always wondered what was wrong with me. Why do I have such a hard time thinking? Why does it take me a lot to get info into my thick head!!!  I found out!! That accident I had?  The one where my sister took his first try to kill me?  Well, it caused ischemia.  I had this in a place in my brain.   This is where small blood vessels had collapsed in my brain.  It was the route of all evil to my thought process.  I had had this test done at one time saying that I had issues with reading, writing and communication.  But, my Intellect was Superior to even those graduates of doctoral degrees!! 

>>    Well, my new “lease on life”.   I set out to change my world!! Finally. I now know how my head works and can do what I need to do to get information in it and use it to my benefit.  Sure, it still takes me longer than others to absorb information and to implement it. BUT, look out… lol  Once I grasp all I need to know about a topic… well, there is no stopping me. The Universe is my goal in all that I do.


My Final Chapter:

Where I am Today

>>    Ok… So, I moved to Bristol... Spent 2.5 months in a hotel and finally found a home.

>>    Moved in September 2017.  Purchased the home November 1st2017.

>>    Got back to my Internet January 2018.

>>    Started implementing the proper tools and necessary actions to be successful online

>>    Today, my future is bright and I feel whole for the first time in my life!!!

I have finally found the right place to be, in order to have the rest of my life’s goal complete.

My one goal in life has been to be able to FINNALLY have a solid relationship with not only my children, but, with my grandchildren as well.  I am on my way, I will be able to see them

whenever I want, and I will be able to leave them something so their lives will be solid, and they too well be FREE to live their lives as well.  This Will Be My Life-Time Gift To Them.

I go to work

God Bless,

Carol Browne Earl


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