Introduction To Branding YOUniversity Coaching

This group is for all Branding YOUniversity Affiliate, Student and Platinum Members looking for questions to be answered.

Those of us administering and moderating the group will in a rotation style hold a weekly Q&A at 7:30PM EST so that questions in real time may be answered.

Should you need an immediate answer to a question, reach out to your sponsor (whoever brought you into the group) to see if they can help first. If not, you are welcome to leave the question here on the page and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


Break them and you will be banned (and possibly reported to Facebook).

NO SPAMMING – This is disrespectful to everyone in the group
NO AFFILIATE LINKS - This group is not for promoting 
NO SCAMS – You know what we mean
NO GIFTING PROGRAMS – They are illegal
NO ADULT CONTENT OR NUDITY – Can’t believe I really had to say that.
OUR DECISIONS ARE FINAL – There will be no arguing.

All posts or comments that violate these rules will be promptly removed and a warning given. On the second offense you will be removed from the group.

Also be sure to join the official Branding YOUniversity Group


Now that you are a Member of BrandingYOUniversity, there are certain things which you should do In Order for a most effective and Rewarding experience there.

1) Sign Up for the Affiliate Partnership after you’ve studied the two lessons under the label as shown at the right.
Remember; official Launch is scheduled for August 20, 2018! In the meantime, you can set yourself up while awaiting Launch to be due a paycheck immediately after Launch! More importantly, as you will begin to bring in new members right away, they are locked under you for Life so You get paid the Commission on anything they buy. (NOTE: You may skip Affiliate Partnership altogether and Sign Up immediately for Platinum Partnership below, but this does not change the Priority of Completing Your Story!)

2) Begin Writing your Marketing Scripts Immediately as described in the 5 lessons as shown under the label at right. 
Here are some guidelines: You will prepare Two Scripts; a Long Script of about 2000 Words to be converted into a Video for your Blog. A Short Script, an Extract from your Long Script of about 200 Words that will fit a Written Narrative space on your Blog.
--- Published statistics say that Anyone who wishes to market anything on Social Media will Soon have to become Personally Branded and do only Branded Things to be seen and heard over the chatter of the rising noise on the five to seven major sites!
------ We can attest to the accuracy of this statistic. When our members started marketing on Social Media in 2010, it took only 7 times of showing your product or service to the public to get someone to buy from you. Now in 2018, it takes as many as 20 times and is getting worse.
------ The Purpose of Your Story is to establish Credibility with your Audience! Remember when you start to market on the Internet, it’s like starting in a big city. Only a few people who know you intimately, who Trust You, may buy from you initially, but no one else will.
------ Your Story is Detailed; so Strangers will get to Know you immediately, that they can Trust you to do what you Say; so people will Like and Trust You and Buy from You with a Minimum number of exposures!
Submit your story script details as soon as completed and possible to BrandingYOUniversity ~ Creating Your Dreams (that’s for approval. To submit as a Script Narrative simply insert the text as Write Something and press Post. To submit a finished Video, identify it as a Post then click Photo/Video, point to it on your computer and click Load or Attach; then click Post.
--- You will be notified of the changes that are needed or approved, which could be One or More days later considering the Approval Workload.
--- While waiting for Approval, Sign Up for Platinum Partnership as described in the 10 lessons as shown under the label at right. If you’re signing up before August 20, 2018, your Price is only $47 per month for which you will receive 75% Commissions and Residual Income, for Life! If you are Signing Up On August 20, 2018, or later, the Price is $77 per month, for Life plus the 75% Percent Residual Commissions!
------ To Your Story, BrandingYOUniversity adds a Marketing Infrastructure centered on your Free Blog to market on Social Media, to more than 2 Billion people. You may have to invest in some of the tools to make your Free Blog to work on Autopilot!

------ Finally, to Your Story and Free Blog,

BrandingYOUniversity adds a Business that you can train and become proficient on (Platinum Partnership), that pays YOU 75% of each of your referrals’ monthly payments for a growing Residual Income! And, you can purchase separately many suggestions to improve your Daily Marketing!

Four High Priority Things More:

1) There is a Company Webinar Every Sunday Afternoon at 2:00 PM ET where YOU and YOUR Referrals can get information about New Developments, ask questions and get answers from the Founder. Schedule This Time (you will be notified of the URL)!

2) There is a Group Training Webinar Every Friday Evening at 8:00 PM ET where You and Your Referrals can get Training on the System’s Operation! You can post questions at any time and get answers right away as this site is manned by a team of rotating Coaches.
Assistants. This is a Training Site, so do explore the Units there for more To Do. Schedule this Core Time and attend all Training Sessions (you will be notified of the URL in a post within the group)!

3) The Webinar Site whose URL is described above is for Video Scripts and Finished Videos Approval ONLY! DO NOT use for any other purpose! It is staffed by rotating Coaching Assistants who will get back to you as soon as possible, shooting for a Maximum of 24 hours (but Please Understand if it takes Longer).

4) Every Wednesday Evening at 7:30 PM ET there is a Q&A group that you may attend to ask whatever questions you may have. This is the Group site where the Q & A sessions are held.
So Join With Us; Your Training Is By Currently Active Seven-Figure Earners and Your Overall Expense Outlay is Much Less Than Going It Alone!

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