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Hi, I am a Professor and Founding Partner and part of the Exec Mastermind Team with Branding YOUniversity, an Online Educational Platform. I’ve had a successful career in sales for most of my adult life. Including running my own successful Business, SamJen Enterprises. 

This was a local fundraising company. I ran most of the schools fundraising efforts and sent the large national companies running. After the loss of my husband, I took a job with CBS. I was hired to oversee the Internet sales with not only the television but newspaper reps as well. They were all owned by the same corporation. This was the very beginning of introducing business’s to online advertising. After two years of this, my branch had the highest percentage of sales along the entire Eastern seaboard.

In 2015 I found Internet Marketing. My life started to change. Thru BrandingYOUniversity, I have been able to learn more about Internet Marketing that I ever thought possible. I am now a Personal Branding Specialist and I'm 1 of 10 on the Exec Mastermind Team with BrandingYOUniversity and I am helping people from all walks of life to enjoy a better life thru online marketing.   WorkWithCarolEarl.com


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                               TESTIMONIALS ABOUT CAROL BROWNE EARL

Nadia Subratie

Marc M Lalonde

                                                                             Carol is full of inspiration and knowledge.


 We have been in several groups together and I have always admired her willingness to share and help in any way she could. Carol enjoys working
  with people for the greater good.

      -Chris Shouse

                                                            Carol fills hearts with warmth, she trustworthy everyone she in contacts with. 

Its an awesome honor to be a friend with Carol, to say she has and shows powerful integrity, intelligence, love with authority, and she motivated by results, challenge, action, power, and credit for the super achievement. She is a very hard worker and really puts her heart into whatever her goal is at the time.

If you need help with anything, she is the first to speak up, the focus on the present and devotes time to helping others and building relationships. She is also a member of the new Branding YOUniversity and is taking all the courses they have to offer and doing very amazing. I know how she is implementing the things she is/and has learned from the Youniversity. Her goal is not riches, but rather to rightly equip herself for Extraordinary success in the area of her choosing.

All I can say is: She's a Spectacular woman! If you have an opportunity to work with Carol, snatch all her talents and run with her!. You will be very pleased with her efforts to help you in whatever your quest might be. I am happy to call her a colleague.
~Imogene Rice Morehouse

                                                                                    Carol has a heart of gold...

I have worked with, mentored and coached Carol for several years and all I can say is "Wow"! Carol has a heart of gold, she is intelligent and determined, with perseverance and a positive attitude. She is a joy to work with and she will go to the top in this profession. Thank you Carol for all you do!

- Len Mooney

                                                     Shes definitely a people person, professional and loves to help others...

At Branding YOUniversity I had the opportunity to work with Carol. She absorbs everything thrown her way and tackles difficulty head on with results. Shes definitely a people person, professional and loves to help others. It was my pleasure to not only get to work with Carol but get to know her. She's a success not in her business but in her community as well. If ever given the opportunity to ever work with Carol she would be an asset to anything she gets involved with. It's been an honor to work alongside Carol.

-Wendy Ron Lester

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