Carol Earl

I am a Founding Partner of Branding YOUniversity, an Online Personal Branding University. I’ve had a successful career in sales for most of my adult life. Including running my own successful Business, SamJen Enterprises. This was a local fundraising company. I ran most of the schools fundraising efforts and sent the large national companies running. After the loss of my husband, I took a job with CBS. I was hired to oversee the Internet sales with not only the television but newspaper reps as well. They were all owned by the same corporation. This was the very beginning of introducing business’s to online advertising. After two years of this, my branch had the highest percentage of sales along the entire Eastern seaboard. In 2015 I found Internet Marketing. My life started to change. Thru BrandingYOUniversity, I have been able to learn more about Internet Marketing that I ever thought possible. I am now a Personal Branding Specialist with BrandingYOUniversity and I am helping people from all walks of life to enjoy a better life thru online marketing.

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